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Thinking of hosting an event with us?

Here's some of our most fequently asked questions.

Whether you were referred to us, have been a guest at one of our events, or were pointed in our direction by the almighty Google algorithm, these are the answers to the questions we get asked the most.

  • What additional precautions are you taking during COVID-19?
    In addition to abiding by the regulations in place in the locality of your home or event, we employ the same level of sanitary, logistical and procedural processes that you would find in a 3 Michelin kitchen such as The French Laundry or Per Se. Beyond that our commercial kitchen space is in San Francisco, which is employing some of the strictest food and beverage guidelines in the country during the present COVID-19 crisis.
  • Which cities and areas do you serve?
    We serve the greater San Francisco Bay Area, peninsula, north bay, Napa, etc. Additionally, we accomodate unique client requests. We do frequent work in the greater Los Angeles area and have even built out a fully staffed sushi bar on a private jet in the past.
  • How far in advance does an event need to be booked?
    Generally the further in advance, the greater chance we will have open availability for your event. Because of the quality of product we source and demand for the caliber of chefs we employ, we are not always able to accomdate last minute bookings. However please reach out through our contact page and we'll do everything we can. In the event we are booked out we are always happy to refer you to people who we know do great work.
  • Do you provide beverage and/or bar service?
    Yes. We work with clients to provide and staff a full bar service when requested.
  • Do you offer full service catering and/or hot menu items?
    Yes. However to add non-sushi items to your event's menu will require staffing an additional dedicated cook to attend to any hot items unrelated to sushi, with the associated labor cost applied to your event.
  • What is "Edomae" sushi? Can I just get a California roll?"
    Our chefs strive to create intentional sushi that skews towards the traditional Japanese style of "Edomae" that originated around what is present day Tokyo. While we also offer modern and refined takes on familiar maki rolls, we are not able to accomodate certain requests that fall outside the scope of the type of product we work extremely hard to source.
  • How do we reserve an event? Is a deposit required?
    The first step is to reach out to us through our contact page on the menu above. Tell us as much or little as you'd like, and our team will send a questionairre to help us gather all of the necessary details to execute your event. Once we've recieved that, we will coordinate a time that works best for you speak with our Executive Chef and finalize the details of your menu and timeline. Once approved by the client, our accounting team will generate an invoice for a deposit representing 75% of the total cost of the event. This covers the up front product and labor cost of our chefs. Your card will be kept on file and automatically charged the remaining 25% within 48 hours of the successful completion of your event.
  • What size dinners or events do you provide sushi bar services for?
    We provide private sushi chef and customized omakase menus for anything from an intimate dinner for two upto events and concerts with several thousand attendees.
  • Do you provide glassware, plates, chopsticks, utensils, etc?"
    Yes, we have an extensive collection of custom plateware and staging. Bar and glassware may be rented seperately for an additional charge upon request.
  • This is an expensive event, do you have previous client references we can contact?"
    Absolutely. We're more than happy to provide extensive references prior to accepting a deposit upon client request.
  • Is the seafood you use sustainably sourced?
    We strive to use product that is approved on by the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Sustainably Sourced Seafood Watchlist. That being said upon client request we are happy to source products sushi as bluefin toro or foie gras, depending on the locality of your event and any local laws or regulations that may apply.
  • How long does it it take to respond to my inquiry?
    For all new or initial inquires our team will respond via email within 24 hours of recieving your message. Once initial contact has been made we are available during standard business hours directly via phone, and via cell in the 48 hours leading up and through the completion of your event.
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